Monday, 22 July 2013

              2014  PORSCHE CAYMAN

The PORSCHE CAYMAN debuted it's appearance at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto show and will come to sale around spring of 2013.

The Porsche does not a surprising look at it's debut appearance .All it' features,lining,interior and engine are alike the previously announced PORSCHE BOXSTER.


The new  CAYMAN gets extended wheel bases with wider track and stretched greenhouse giving it a new look.

It's front view shows us new cooling air intakes with integrated four-point daytime running light.To add to it's it has got aluminium made new boot-lids followed by an LED brake light at the top of the rear windows and a new rear spoiler that deploys at a steeper angle which provides a new experience.

The new Cayman is also gifted with a set of 18-inch wheels.

Below are  specifications of it's KEY  parts.

Exterior Dimensions:
Cayman S
97.4 In.
97.4 In.
Overall Length
172.4 In.
172.4 In.
Width (W/ Mirrors)
70.9 In. (77.9 In.)
70.9 In. (77.9 In.)
50.9 In.
51 In.
Curb Weight W/ Manual
2,888 Lbs.
2,910 Lbs.
Curb Weight W/ PDK
2,954 Lbs.
2,976 Lbs.
Front Track
60.1 In.
60.1 In.
Rear Track
60.5 In.
60.6 In


CAYMAN'S interior has been upgraded the drives to experience sports comfort and quality.The steering is attached at a short distance from gear level, and all the functions and buttons of the on-board computer are quite easily accessible.Almost the entire interior has been designed around the diver and looking at it's easy of accessibility.

Regardless of whatever engine or suspension, which you can choose , The Porsche has been gifted with one steering only.


The CAYMAN is powered by a highly efficient flat six-cylinder engine planted near the rear axle.Both the standard CAYMAN and the S VERSION has engines boosted with a standard manual six-speed gearbox . The CAYMAN 'S 2.7-liter version , 275 horsepower delivering engine helps it to reach a speed of 60 mph in just 4.1-5.4 sec ,depending upon it's versions. It's wheels gain a top speed of 164-175 mph.

CAYMANS   are also fitted with accessories like a Sport Chrono package , it include dynamic gearbox mounts,a wonderful sports plus button ,both analogue and digital stopwatch and at last performance display

Engine Specifications:
TrimCaymanCayman S
Engine ConceptWater-Cooled, Mid-Mounted, 6-Cylinder Boxer EngineWater-Cooled, Mid-Mounted, 6-Cylinder Boxer Engine
ConstructionAluminum Block And HeadsAluminum Block And Heads
ValvetrainFour Overhead Camshafts; Four Valves Per Cylinder; Variable Inlet Valve Timing And Lift (VarioCam Plus); Hydraulic Valve LifterFour Overhead Camshafts; Four Valves Per Cylinder; Variable Inlet Valve Timing And Lift (VarioCam Plus); Hydraulic Valve Lifter
Bore89.0 Mm97.0 Mm
Stroke72.5 Mm77.5 Mm
Displacement2.7 Liters3.4 Liters
Maximum Horsepower275 Hp At 7,400 Rpm325 Hp At 7,400 Rpm
Maximum Torque213 Lb.-Ft. At 4,500 Rpm272 Lb.-Ft. At 4,500 Rpm
Compression Ratio12.5:112.5:1
Transmission Specifications:
Manual Transmission6-Speed6-Speed
Automatic Transmission7-Speed PDK7-Speed PDK
Ratios (PDK In Parentheses)
1st3.67 (3.91)3.31 (3.91)
2nd2.05 (2.29)1.95 (2.29)
3rd1.46 (1.65)1.41 (1.65)
4th1.13 (1.30)1.13 (1.30)
5th.97 (1.08).95 (1.08)
6th.84 (.88).81 (.88)
Reverse3.33 (3.55)3.0 (3.55)
Final Drive Ratio3.89 (3.25)3.89 (3.25)
Clutch DiameterManual: 240 Mm (Dual-Mass Flywheel) 7-Speed PDK: 153/202 MmManual: 240 Mm (Dual-Mass Flywheel) 7-Speed PDK: 153/202 Mm
Fuel Consumption (Mpg):
City (Manual/PDK)21/2220/21
Highway (Manual/PDK)30/3228/30
Combined (Manual/PDK)TBDTBD
Performance Specifications
0-60 (Manual; PDK; Sport Chrono PDK)5.4 S; 5.3 S; 5.1 S4.7 S; 4.6 S; 4.4 S
Top Track Speed Manual (PDK)165 Mph (164 Mph)175 Mph (174 Mph)


The 2014 Porsche Cayman will be out sale in spring 2013 with a price tag of $52,600 for the Cayman and $63,800 for the Cayman S.

The price does includes the $950 destination charge.