Friday, 19 July 2013

PLACES TO PROMOTE YOUR BLOG has became quite common among the youngsters nowadays, those who are dreaming of  lots of money from a very young age.But,blogging is not that easy as it looks to youths who have just started blogging.. .It requires a lot of hard work..,collecting ideas,typing,making it enable for SEO and most important point..Promoting your site or blog.
Let's assume your are a posting regularly,but what's the point in if don't gain pageviews or you can say view count ..No one is going to visit your site nor you can a single penny .
A point for bloggers , spend 20% time in posting and at least 80% time in promoting your blog or website.
Here are some websites which can help you promote your websites.
Just,you have to submit your website's name and email address.

3.Blog Engage

15. Digg

16. Reddit

17. Pinterest

26. DMOZ

27. Entire Web

28. Exact Seek

29. Amfibi

30. Tag Lineup

31. Hitalyzer

34. So Much